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Our product Innovala Logo is a German manufactured soft closing damper for kitchen & bath cabinet doors. INNOVALA’s damper program is an innovative product that has been sold to the US cabinet and retail industry since 2008. We have sold Million’s and have been copied unfortunately many times. We are the exclusive wholesale and retail distributor for the North American market.

All INNOVALA products are imported into the USA and sold exclusively by Kitchen Cabinet Central. All INNOVALA products are available and in stock in the USA available to wholesale and retail.

Innovala Logo  is a German company, founded by Mr. Horst Lautenschlager, former owner of Mepla (today Grass, belonging to the Wuerth Group) a German cabinet hinge manufacturing company.

Horst has been involved in the furniture hardware industry for over 50 years and has been responsible for many break-through innovations to the industry.

Horst has continued to develop new products for the cabinet and furniture industry and has worked with well-known hinge manufacturers. His latest developments are innovative damper systems for kitchen and furniture cabinets as well as for drawer systems. This patented German damper technology is available in North America since 2008.

The patented Pin Damper for cabinet and cabinet doors works in face frame as well as frameless cabinets, irrespective of the hinge installed. The unique manual adjustment wheel allows the damper to adapt to any door size and weight.

Achieving silent door closing is a snap with all our dampers.

Innovative damper technology puts an end to door slamming.

The pulling force of the door towards the cabinet is an essential standard when closing a cabinet door. This requirement is achieved successfully and reliable with quality hinge systems. However, due to the nature of hinge geometry, closing noises are unavoidable. These can be loud and bothersome, depending on size and type of material of the cabinet.

The innovative damper technology from Innovala features soft and silent closing – independent of door size and closing function. The technical perfection of the damper system enhances the elegant, pleasing, modern and contemporary appearance of the overall design.

All damper systems allow for simple and quick installation during the manufacturing process or in after-market usage. 

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